Recorded video walking

I have recorded a video while walking and I would like to eliminate camera shake at every step, is it possible with Shotcut? I send a small piece of the video to see the problem

I can repeat the recording again, but I’m afraid the problem will be the same because it is necessary to walk to make the complete video.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks in advance.

There is a stabilisation filter in shotcut, but i am afraid this kind of task will be very difficult with this footage as it is not only shaky it also has a kind of distortion. If you want that really smooth you need a kind of rail to drive the camera along or you could mount it on a bike and drive along. It is always better to eliminate shaking when capturing with an image/video stabilizer instead of trying to stabilize afterwards. The task is very time consuming, cpu-demanding and the result will mostly not be satisfying.

Thanks, Rilo for your answer. I think you are right and it is very difficult to repair my video. I have decided to make it again, but I do not have a rail or a bike as you suggest. I’m thinking of some homemade solution, maybe tying a selfie stick to a shopping cart.

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