Recommended new HW for Shotcut and other open source programs

I need to choose HW components to new computers in multimedia class. We will probably buy them at the beginning of the next year, but I need to write down some pre-specs because of some grant rules.
Most time students will work with Gimp, Inkscape, Shotcut and bit in Blender.

Do you think it is s better to buy more powerful processor (Intel i7) with no dedicated graphic or buy weaker processor (i5) and dedicated video card (which)?

Im planning to buy 16 GB RAM DDR4. Any recommendation about manufacturer? What about mainboard?

Thanks in advance for your ideas :slight_smile:

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I hesitate to reply as I’m a bit new at video (longtime Ps+Lr user).

Rendering and exporting will benefit from more core/threads which favors the I7. Dedicated video processing will also help during that. A GTX 950/2Gig card seems to be around $140US which oddly enough is about the difference between a 4 core I5 and a 4 core I7.

If you get the I5, make sure you price a 4 core version. I’d SWAG that picking a dedicated (and supported) graphics card would give you more bang in video rendering than the extra 4 threads a four core I7 would give you.

Curious to see what other chime in with

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GPU processing for Shotcut is still experimental, so I would invest more in a powerful processor than a GPU. However since you are also working with Blender, I don’t think you should go entirely without a dedicated graphics card.

I would recommend a graphics card with around 1-2 gb VRAM.

Some good RAM manufacturers I think would be Corsair, Micron/Crucial, or Klingston. However no matter what amount of RAM you choose, I would want a motherboard with 4 memory slots on it, so you can mix and match how you want to divide your RAM, if you find you have or don’t have enough according to your preferences.

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Thank you all for your suggestions!
I did some research, key components would be as follows. It will also be possible to gain enough money to buy powerful CPU and also some GPU for future use in Blender.
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700
MB: ASUS Z170-P - Intel Z170
RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury Black 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2133
Power supply: Corsair CX Builder Series 500W

Could anybody take a look at the components and tell me if there is a bottleneck or potential problem?

Many thanks!

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Glad you could come up with a list :slight_smile: I’m sure that this would be a good reference for other people looking to build a computer for similar reasons.

The parts are all compatible according to

Good luck with your class, and thanks again for this useful topic.

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I will need a new computer which will you recommend

@Comunidad_c Just follow Martin’s build, copy and paste each component title into some sort of online store or a build checking website and it will give you exactly the parts and their prices.

@martin106015 Don’t forget a SSD in my testing shotcut responded well to a faster ssd even on a slower(i5-3470) system. Also I would get the newer 1050 over a 950. @Comunidad_c the same advice applies to you

What is the best affordable ssd?@d_s

That depends on how big of a drive you want, Ideally you want one for source and destination for optimal speed. In general I’ve been quite happy with the mushkin reactor drives.

I think there is a OK budgeted guides out there. I would always put more ram/cpu in for video processing and take the graphics card down a notch but they make a good base line.