Recent updates are ruining Shotcut

I opened Shotcut on Linux today and was almost physically repelled by the blinding white look. I thought something had gone wrong with my system. Apparently we now have to change system-wide dark/light settings just to get Shotcut to look normal? As a visual person who has gotten used to certain looks, this is quite annoying. Certain features and controls are not even visible in white mode without screwing with monitor contrast.

Beyond that, I can’t actually open anything (in dark or light mode). Clicking on a recent project (which are now listed in reverse order?) just crashes Shotcut.

I’ve previously been annoyed by updates changing the program’s behavior without warning, it really wrecks my workflow to re-learn what’s become an automatic shortcut or process.

I know this is FOSS, but sending out a broken, untested, buggy release like this via auto-update is a terrible move. I’m currently trying to roll back to a working version and will disable auto updates. It’s going to take a lot to convince me to update Shotcut in the future.

Read about it here: Shotcut - New Version 23.05
Scroll to the bottom.

Same as these posts:

Not sure why they released it if there’s a known bug this bad. The white mode makes Shotcut basically unusable.
The constant crashes when I tried to open any mlt file made this update actually unusable. If I could get it to run maybe I’d learn to tolerate white mode, but I rolled back to a stable release instead.

The release is not broken or untested, there have been both a beta and a release candidate. The theme issue has been known from the start, you should read the release notes before installing a new release.

Nobody forces you to update, just keep using the previous version.

You can always get a refund for all the money you payed for shotcut, if it don’t live you to your expectation :wink:

I agree, it’s my fault for allowing auto-updates in my package manager, and not following every release note for every piece of software I’ve ever used. I’m more of a casual than a power user, so now that I’ve spent all morning getting 22.12 back, I’ll probably just stick with that forever. Maybe I’ll check in on Shotcut in a few years and see if there are any new features worth risking an upgrade.

The security guys keep yelling about updates being important, but when they’re this bad it really dissuades users from caring.

Did you install a official release from or packages created by you distro.

I always use flatpak, because it contains all the needed dependencies in the version selected and build by the shotcut devs.

All the differnt linux distro is a hell for a developer for a application like shotcut, because everything is different, so very hard to test, the same code can be rock solid on one distro and very unstable on another.
flatpak solves many of these issuesm when running on a distro with good flatpak support.
I have done a lot of test on both the beta and pre-release, and it works very well, with only minor quirks.
going from qt5 to qt6 is a hugh step, so it will introduce some issues.

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Whoever made your package maybe did not update the MLT package, which is required by this version.

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