Randomly pixelated output

Exported with YouTube preset. 1920x1080, 59.94 fps. This occurs on and off every few seconds in the exported output.

Why is this happening? Thanks.

Your source video cannot be seeked properly/out-of-sequential order. First, in Export > Advanced > Video try turning off parallel processing. If that is already off or does not help, you must use Properties > Convert with the clip selected to convert it to something edit-friendly. Depending upon your version, you need to replace the old clip manually. Only with version 20.04 (latest at this time), it replaces automatically.

Parallel processing was not checked. The two tracks I am processing here are GoPro Session MP4’s.

I converted each track using the ‘better’ setting ALAC MOV. Files are now 10x larger. I am using the latest 20.04, but it’s not obvious to me if it replaced automatically. The tracks are stilled named after the original files. SC crashed after converting the second track.

I wonder if this is because the two recordings are made with different cameras and maybe the frame rates are off by a tiny amount between the two?

Well the export with the converted clips is no better. Maybe a bit worse.

I re-aligned the converted tracks and checked from start to end and do not see any frame sync alignment drift so that is probably not the issue.

Then I believe your source file is damaged. I have seen this before on GoPro files. If you open one and then use Properties > Start Integrity Check Job, wait for it to finish running in the Jobs panel, and view the log by right-clicking it.

You should also:

  • Tell what you are using to play the export; I have seen before in VLC when it struggles with throughput.
  • View the exported result in Shotcut.
  • Turn off hardware encoder if you are using that.

I tried a couple different players and all failed. Integrity check didn’t report anything that looks bad to me on either track.

I closed SC and then opened the output file in SC again as you suggest, and it played fine. Now when I go back to those other players they also play fine, including VLC. This was a persistent problem. I have not re-booted. Don’t know what it could have been. This the same file that originally played pixelized- https://flic.kr/p/2j2Na7h

Thanks for the help.

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