Randomised Gaming one of the many YouTube channels made largely with Shotcut

Seeing as I’ve posted a number of bugs today on Shotcut, rather than being negative with all my posts I’d like to show you the channel I work on Randomised Gaming:

[link]https://www.youtube.com/c/RandomisedGamingYouTube (If the above link doesn’t show)

Which since 2014 has largely had most of it’s video made with shotcut and from about 2016 onwards we have sole made videos with shortcut. We started with 720p videos, moved up to 1080p and now do 4K videos, all of which are in shotcut.

We able to cover games old and new and do a whole range of videos on the channel from reviews and first plays:

To comparisons and tutorial videos on retro systems:

All of which have been built and edited on by you guessed it Shotcut and yes I would like to express my thanks to all the team that work on it.


Your second video above brought back loads of memories.
Famicom 8 bit computer games. :grinning:

This was my all time favourite:

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