Random Frozen Video and Weird Audio

I uploaded my video to YouTube and then saw the weird error. (Yeah, I should’ve watched it beforehand) There were areas where the video displayed the last image and didn’t move on. Other things, like text and background music, worked just fine. I exported the video again, only to find out that it still has the same glitch. I then check the editor, and somehow the clips freeze up but other things work fine. There is a weird audio to the background when this happens, and the next clip works. Some of the next clips do the same thing. It happens from 00:41 to 1:08, 1:17 to 1:20, 1:26 to 1:29, 2:05 to 2:28, and 2:42 to 2:44. I didn’t move any of the files, and don’t know why the clips should do this. Also, the clips were just fine while I edited the video; I had to have watched through them at least seven times. I also checked one of the clips that needed fixed or “converted” as a mkv file. It worked perfectly fine so I think something must’ve messed up in the project. The last version that I saved works fine and there is no freezing images. I saved that version on 4/2/20. Here is the video so that everyone can understand what I’m talking about.

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