Random crashes when dragging to playlist 18.12.23

Today when I opened Shotcut I found it hat auto-update to 18.12.23
It had been behaving quite nicely for me in the previous software revision for the past month under Kubuntu 18.04
With GPU Effects disabled (in a vain attempt to restore stability), when a new session of Shotcut is opened, and the first action is to drag and drop a video to the the playlist, Shotcut Randomly crashes and closes itself about two out of three times.

I am not experiencing it on my Ubuntu 18.04 system with AMD graphics.
Are you using the snap, flatpak, or a distro package?
Does it make a difference whether dragging from Source or Playlist?
Is it more stable if you open the clip into Source and then use a timeline toolbar button or keyboard shortcut to add footage?

“…snap, flatpak, or a distro package…”
Being a realtime embedded guru more used to writing my own operating systems than maintaining OS’s built by others, I am not always current in the terminology. As in this case. Two years ago, when my Windows 10 became unusable, I installed Kubuntu directly from the Kubuntu official site using the simplest “for idiots” method offered. My 18.04 is the result of finally saying “Yes” to the Ubuntu built-in update system begging me to get with the times and upgrade to the current OS version.

“…dragging from…”
It was when dragging from a Kubuntu “Dolphin” standard files window to the Playlist in Shotcut.

“…more stable if you open the clip into Source…”
No. It even happened when I clicked “Open File” and selected a file.

That problem has mysteriously vanished. (Others remain.)
The only circumstance that seems relevant is that, becoming totally frustrated with Shotcut at that time, I installed DaVinci Resolve 15 and opened it. (GIAHH! Too complicated for me!) So I went back to attempting to get Shotcut to work for me.
Miraculously, many of the problems I was having with Shotcut had vanished, including this one. Furthermore, when Shotcut upgraded itself to 18.12.23, other versions which I had as appimages began having multiple problems. After the Davinci install, all (or virtually all - I am not yet completely sure) of the problems had disappeared.

My conclusion is that this problem, and several other associated problems, are not inside 18.12.23 per se, but are in the install package. It looks as if the install package is loading drivers and/or setting environment variables, etc., in a way that is not quite correct for Ubuntu 18.04.

Now I am using 18.11.18 appimage with good (not perfect, but that might be my fault) results.
I am very happy with Shotcut 18.11.18

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