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I was informed by a person in Reddit’s r/shotcut to use this forum, and so here I am.

Long story short, when I try to upload a media file, it fails; and when I try to update, I get a bajillion error messages. More on the Reddit post.

You can reply to this topic, or do so in the Reddit. Thanks in advance!

There is little more at Reddit than there is here, here is the right place for this discussion.

With as little information that we are given, it looks like the problem is in Windows and not in Shotcut.

See also this thread…

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From Reddit:
"I have been using Shotcut for a couple of months now and I have experienced a few issues with it. I don’t remember having these issues before, until now.

First off, I am getting a message when I try to upload an image brought up from my phone, it just says something like “Failed to Open C:/Users/Owner/Appdata/Local/Temp/20210…”. Does anyone know about this?"

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That person would be me. Welcome @DatOneTrainDude


It looks to me like Window put the file in the Temp folder, and by the time Shotcut tried to open it, it had moved or been deleted in that location.

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Oh yes, that is true. How can I fix that?

(the data is stlill very thin and sketchy, but…)

I think the problem is in the bringing it from the phone.
Try doing this in steps; first bring it to a folder in your permanent spaces, then verify you can open it, view it there using Windows apps, then, try bringing it from there into Shotcut.

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Ok, everything’s good now. I had to check a few boxes off the Shotcut update page to finally access Shotcut, and everything’s good now. I relocated my media files in a new file under ‘Videos’. Thanks for your help @kagsundaram!


@DatOneTrainDude. Glad you got it resolved. Like I said a good bunch on here and always willing to help out. Hope you stick around to learn more about Shotcut and get involved with the forum.


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