Question: Shotcut crashing

I have a 20 hour mkv video file that I’d like to cut the first 18 hours of however dragging the file onto a video track only loads the first 30 seconds of the total duration or causes the application to crash on me altogether.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m using windows 10
ryzen 2600 cpu
rx 580 video card

File size?

Why don’t you just open it in the playlist, shorten it and direct export it?

A little over 18 GB. I have placed it in the playlist, but from there I add it as a video track so I can trim. Is there a better way to shorten it?

As said, just try to trim it from the playlist
“i” and “o”

An other thought : as mkv is a container, did you try to extract it to see if they were many files more easily mofifiable one by one.

Or using a MKV cutter tool…

If all you are doing is trimming the video, using Shotcut is sort of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Just use the native Windows 10 utility:

Hang on though, not sure if the “Photos and Videos” app can play .mkv files.

Edit - It does work, but will only save the trimmed file as MP4.

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