Question regarding SlideShow

Is it possible to decrease the duration of the images to less than 4 seconds? If not, could you create this feature?

What would be the application for that? 4 seconds is already not enough time to look at a picture in a slideshow.

Flashback montage in a movie where the detective finally figures out who the bad guy is? :rofl: I could actually imagine that use case, but I’m literally making ideas up.

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I think there are some creative or artistic uses for less than 4 seconds.

It would not be to use the tool for slideshow. It would be for a documentary where it is really necessary to appear in a certain part of the video images less than 4 seconds long!

There are several situations that need to appear a sequence of images less than 4 seconds long. Even agent films see that example. Just for you to understand it would be like the opening of The big bang theory (several sequences of images of less than 4 seconds).

FYI the following advice does not make the request invalid, but you can reduce the duration of the clips in the timeline afterwards. I suggest to turn on Ripple mode for that.

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Ok. Thanks for that perspective. Both of those suggestions are valid, but not what is intended for use for the slideshow features. I can see how there would be some utility for that feature.

I have some concerns about the usability of very short image sequences on the timeline - particularly if transitions are applied. I wonder if it would be good to “disable” transitions in the slideshow generator if the clip duration is less than 4 seconds.

Here is a suggestion for discussion:

  • Clip duration minimum duration = 0.2 seconds (200ms)
  • Clip duration step size = 0.1 seconds (100ms)
  • Clip duration is already rounded to the nearest video frame - so the user may not get exactly the duration they request.
  • If clip duration < 4 seconds, then transitions are disabled in the slideshow generator (user can still add transitions on the timeline

Would someone be willing to experiment with images on the timeline and see if/how the usability degrades for very short duration clips? I am open to suggestions on the parameters I listed above.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. :slightly_smiling_face:
Although I would say disable it if it’s less than 3.

I have been practicing slide shows for over ten years, but I don’t pretend to have science. Generally according to the leaders in the field the images should not exceed 3 seconds (except in particular cases) and a slide show should not exceed 5 to 6 minutes in order to capture the attention.
The transitions of 1 to 3 seconds big maximum and always according to the subject to avoid many transions which is the fact of the beginners.
As far as I’m concerned, a 4-second image tends to tire the viewer, except in special cases, for example an explanation on the subject by a voice-over.
I use Shotcut a lot for my slideshows associated with video clips with great pleasure, before I used the application of “Producer of PROSHOW” which closed its site because of the piracy

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I have submitted a change to make the minimum clip duration 0.2 seconds.

Upon investigation, I see that it is already possible to make a transition 0.1 seconds.

The timeline zoom feature allows a user to zoom in far enough to manipulate very short clips and transitions. So I think the usability is OK.