Quality setting making drastically different file sizes

Hope someone can help. I’ve been exporting extremely large files. They are roughly 5 hours and all in 4K. So when I export them they have been coming out to be anywhere from 60gb to 90gb. So I was testing out (with smaller versions) different experts just adjusting the quality under codec. I don’t understand the outcome. Scenarios below

The exact same video and all settings the same except below.

First export at 55% quality for the 1 min video was 480mb

Second export at 75% for the same 1 min video jumped to 950mb

Third export at 100% quality for the same 1 min video was at 360mb.

Can someone explain to me why the 100% is way less?

If you are using hardware encoder it probably does not support 100% and falls back to some internal default.

Thanks for the response. I am using a hardware encoder. I’m using an NVIDIA 3090 which I assumed could handle it.

In theory, it should. But it may require a certain set of flags in the Other box to work correctly. It is possible to check the export log to see if any initialization failures happened and what the fallback might be.

I’ll take a look at that. Another thing is that when I just the video bitrate between 30mbs and 45 mbs, as one would think the 30 is a smaller file than the 45 BUT the 30 looks great and the 45 looks awful.

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