QML for filters that don't have UI yet

I recently learned that there are quite a few filters in mltframework for which Shotcut has no UI yet. Adding qml seems to be pretty straightforward and I am about to try myself at writing some missing qml.

Is there a documentation on qml?

Do I absolutely need to restart Shotcut to read my changes to qml? or just re-opening an mlt would perhaps reload my qml?

We do not want to add all of them, but feel free to scratch your own itch, share, and I will consider it for inclusion.
Yes, you must restart Shotcut after each change, and QML documentation is on the Qt website. Also there is no documentation for the Shotcut API side of that - only source code. Most people just look at other filters for examples. Support for Keyframes and VUI can get tricky.

These QML docs are made for a much newer version than we use and can support:


If you need version specific, I suggest to follow our SDK instructions to get Qt Creator and our version of the Qt SDK:


Planned Shotcut API documentation is here:


I just want to do FSPP since it takes care of “my couch noise”. If I figure it out I could do the rest of PP filters that I did screenshots for in linked post, if there is an interest. I am using HQDN3D as a reference.

Here is FSPP filter if anybody is interested fpss.zip (9.6 KB)

If you go to the main page https://doc.qt.io/ you can then find documentation for specific versions: 5.9 (the one used in latetst Shotcut version), 5.12, 5.14, 5.15

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