QML event fired at profile change?

When the timeline resolution or frame rate is changed (I think it’s referred to as the profile in code), is there an onX event handler fired across all filter QML that allows them to reconfigure themselves for the new profile? If so, is there an architectural decision to continue that event behavior in future releases?

Yes, there is profile.onProfileChanged. See the bottom of src/qml/timeline/Ruler.qml for an example of its usage. There are settings, application, and profile top-level objects registered for every QML context in Shotcut as seen in QmlUtilities::setCommonProperties(). Then, each context (Filters, Timeline, Keyframes) gets their own unique Shotcut-specific objects. None of this is documented, and Shotcut has not yet chosen to go down the route of a runtime with API to facilitate very custom UIs, but that could happen.

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