Qmelt Using A Lot Of Power

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I’m trying to export a video that’s 18:58:43 long and the estimated time is around 1:37:45. I’ve tried fiddling with multiple settings to no avail. I then opened my task manager to see if anything was bottlenecking and it turns out that, under the “power usage” tab, qmelt is using a “very high” amount of power. I find this odd as it’s the only thing that is using anything other than “very low” power.

I have an 800w power supply along with the following attachment. I was just wondering what this might mean. If anything, I imagine it means I need a bigger power supply. But, I don’t know.

DxDiag.txt (119.1 KB)

This is normal. Video processing and encoding is heavy and if you want to make it use less power, then you can by turning off parallel processing and video codec threads in Export, but it will take much longer.
Also, the export estimate is very inaccurate in the current version and much improved in the next version 19.06.

I also think you can decrease the overall power usage by going to task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC), right clicking on the “qmelt” process and clicking on “Go to details”. Then, in the details tab, right click qmelt (it should be selected) and click “Set priority >”. Set it to something below normal. Keep in mind this will make shotcut run slower (and possibly less stable) but it should stop your cpu and/or hardware encoders from being fried. If you experience a BSoD (Blue screen of death), do the above steps but change the priority to what it was before or to normal. When I edit, I put the priority to normal and when it’s exporting I put the priority to “Below normal”.

Shotcut already runs export jobs at a low priority. This does not help reduce power though if you are not doing anything else on the computer.

Oh. Alrighty! Thanks for the reply! Take care!

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