Qmelt.exe not loading up, causing videos to export slowly/fail

Hi all,

I’ve had no issues running Shotcut for the majority of the nearly 2 years I’ve been using it. Qmelt.exe has always run when I’ve exported and there have been zero issues. However in the last month or maybe two i’ve noticed Qmelt.exe no longer runs when I’m exporting, meaning that Shotcut is only using about 20% of my CPU rather than the max available when running with qmelt.exe running too.

Can anyone advise how I can get qmelt.exe running again when it exports, so that it maximises the use of my CPU when exporting the video?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Other forum members have noticed that recently some anti-virus products allow Shotcut.exe to run but not qmelt.exe. Adding it to the Allow list fixed the issue for them.

qmelt.exe is no longer used since version 20.10. Now it is melt.exe. Maybe parallel processing is turned off. It is off by default now because too many people don’t know to turn it off or disappointed that they need to export again with it turned off.

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