Q: Trembling Blur: Pad?

is this trembling at the edges normal?

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Do you see the issue in the preview before exporting ?

It could be compression related. The file you uploaded says CRF 36; which will produce lower quality, lower bitrates. Try using higher quality export setting, lower CRF value or higher quality % setting

Yes, I see that also in preview. That is the reason I made a test export, to know, if this happens then also.
And that video in post #1 is a lower quality from a higher one.

This filter does not do sub-pixel positioning. That means you should probably not animate its size and position with linear or smooth keyframes. It may still be useful to use discrete keyframes to change it suddenly to conform to a new state of the image. If enough people complain I will probably simply remove keyframes.

Too bad. That filter looks interesting for linear or smooth keyframes.

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