Putting two .mts files together

How can i put two .mts files togehter ?

My recordings with my Panasonic HC V210 Camcorder are always saved in two or more files.
Is it possible with shotcut, or should i use another program ?


Add both of them to Playlist in the correct order and Export the playlist.

The problem is, that there is a little break beetween the files…

is there another possibilty ?

in this way, there is a break between

I do not exactly know what you mean by “break.” If there are extra frames you can try to trim the clip. if you want to make some sort of smooth transition, then you need to use the timeline. If there are missing frames, then I guess you need to use another tool. Read around or watch some tutorials if you need more help with the basics of using Shotcut.

Also, since .mts is MPEG-2 Transport Stream, you can simply use another tool that joins or concatenates files. How you do that depends on your operating system. You’ll need to search. If you are on Windows, you should avoid something for text files or something specific to certain formats. A binary join/concatenation should work just fine.

On a windows computer you can do this via the command line (cmd, shell) with the command “copy /b”.
For example:
copy /b part1.mts + part2.mts + part3.mts result.mts
On unix-like systems (linux, mac) this should work:
cat part1.mts part2.mts part3.mts > result.mts

That will only work if the entire GOP is there.

If the second TS’ first complete frame is the 2nd frame of the GOP and it doesn’t directly follow on from the previous file, then you may lose n-1 frames before a frame can be decoded (where n is the GOP length)

this doesn’t work…

i’ve found another solution (maybe someone helps this)
i installed ffmpeg and with this command it works:
ffmpeg -i “concat:00000.MTS|00001.MTS|00002.MTS|00003.MTS” -c copy output.mts

@werner12 beat me to it. ffmpeg can also copy files with different codecs - For detailed documentation see:


sorry my english is bad…
what do you mean ?
i was first ? you wanted to say the same ?

“You beat me to it” means that you provided the solution just before I was about to.

“You beat me to it” bedeutet, dass Sie die Lösung bereitgestellt haben, kurz bevor ich im Begriff war.

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