Proxy of proxy

With proxy mode enabled, re-adding a media clip to the project playlist that was removed from it will create a new proxy for that clip. The “new” source clip (proxy of a proxy) does not have the name of the original video but that of the hashtag of its first proxy. Its own hashtag is a new one, different from the hashtag that is its source clip name. I haven’t tried exporting to see if the new proxy will be replace with the original full-rez clip or with the first proxy instead.

Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
Shotcut 21.05.18

Possible a duplicate of or at least related to

How are you adding to the playlist? I did not reproduce it in my development version by drag-n-drop form file manager to playlist.

I go “open file” and then select a range of files from my computer. While the clips are added to the playlist, jobs start automatically to create the proxies.
I tried drag and drop originally but ran into lots of problems and crashes making proxies that I can’t possibly replicate in detail. My problems were solved when I unchecked “use project folder” for the proxies and created a dedicated folder for them elsewhere. Now the proxies work fine, except for a very cumbersome delay selecting clips on the timeline or going back and forth between timeline and sources (I’ve described this in another post, as it’s not a bug).
I forgot to say that when I delete the (new) problem proxy from its folder, I can create a normal proxy by opening a single file in the source player (without adding it to the playlist first), then making a proxy manually and adding it to the playlist afterwards. At that point it becomes a normal proxy like all the others, with a clip name that refers to the original clip.

Oh yeah, that case was fixed as well when I fixed the related problem. Fixed for the next version 21.06!

See under mainwindow.cpp, processMultipleFiles():

O, perfect! Thanks!