Proposed workflow for 1080i50 interlaced footage?

Many footage files I process are 1080i with 50 fields/second (25 frames/second), interlaced. What would be the best workflow to produce the best possible 1080p25 (progressive) final result after editing?

I would suppose the following:

  1. Start with a 1080p25 (progressive) project.
  2. Import the interlaced footage and make sure that they are marked as interlaced with correct field order.
  3. When exporting, at the export settings, make sure that “Scan mode” is set to “Progressive”, that “Deinterlacer” is set to the best setting, and also that “Interpolation” is set to the best setting as well.

Anything else someone would propose?

Also, I would suppose that menu choices at “Settings, Progressive/Deinterlacer/Interpolation” have nothing to do with the final exported file, correct?