Properties Tab Appearing Blank?

Title. I tried changing the speed of a clip to 2x but the properties window wont show up anymore. Its just a blank window labeled properties.

There isn’t a lot of information here, could you be more specific? What OS are you on and does this happen to clips on the timeline or even just to a source?

Are you sure that after you set the speed of your clip it’s simply just de-selected? When no clip is selected in the timeline or currently playing in the source player, the properties window will be blank, because there’s nothing to display…

I’m hesitant yet to say it’s a bug because I don’t know if it could just be a mistake in using the program, so for now this will go into the ‘Help/How To’ category until it can be reproduced.

I have got the same problem, i am on the newest version of shotcut, and in propeties only a blank screen shows up…

I can’t get properties window to open–at all. Clip is on the timeline and highlighted. Latest version of Shotcut. Windows 7 Pro