Properties "Image sequence" rules?

I used Windows Camera to take approximately 1000 pictures and need to turn them into a time lapse video. But it doesn’t work. What are the rules for Image sequence import?

The files are named like:

I open a new project, drag in the first picture. I go to properties and click Image sequence. A message indicating it is loading the files displays for a few seconds. But no playable sequence ever appears. Clicking Play just shows the first frame.

Any suggestions?


Far simpler to user MakeAvi for compiling a time lapse.

I appreciate the suggestion, but would like to find out why Shotcut does not work as advertised.

I suspect the programmers made a shortcut and assumed that pictures would have sequence numbers 1, 2, 3… without any skipped numbers. But I can find no documented rules on how the names must be formatted for Shotcut to read the files the way it is supposed to work.


In my tests although it appeared nothing was playable from the timeline, exporting produced a properly playable file.
However I can confirm that a non-numerical sequential image store does not work.

It’s still much faster using MakeAvi :slight_smile:

Use an app like EZBatchrename to call the image Timelapse001.jpeg, 002, 003 …

And it should work.