Project suddenly not playing audio with .mov files

Hi there,

I´ve seen someone having this issue before but the discussion is locked now. “no audio within Shotcut at all”

So editing some iPhone recorded videos in the past was never a problem. Now all of a sudden it isn´t possible to hear the audio at all while editing.

I have made sure both audio icons are not in mute, i´ve made sure I am not too far down in -db (0 or higher actually.

I have tried to convert the videos usin VLC from .mov into .mp4 with mp3 audio and then try again with editing with shotcut. Audio wasn´t a problem then.

So theorically I can still get by, but it just takes much longer because I need to convert all the files before satarting edition.

This wasn´t a problem in the past… it has worked with an iPhone video on this computer at least twice…

Thank you for the help !

Shotcut Version number: Shotcut version 20.04.12

Shotcut Settings:
Cant Find GPU Effects
Video Mode: Automatic
Display Method: OpenGL but I have also tried automatic

Operating System:
Windows 10 Home

Computer Specifications:
Processor: Intel i7-10510U
Installed Physical Memory: 16 GB
Available Physical Memory: 15,8 GB

Did you try to restart Shotcut, do not load any project, and simply open and play the file in the Source player? If that fails, try Open Other > Noise; do you hear that? Also, if it fails to play audio for this clip, show its Properties > Audio tab.

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yes, I tried all that.

I have now also found out that the audio chanel setting was on 5.1, changing it to stereo made it work (all the times but once)

So I guess that is the simple correct ansewer to the issue I was facing…

Thank you anyway!

We will have to remember that when people are reporting the sound is not working.

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