Project Resolution Question

Project Resolution Question

I recorded a video of my computer screen which is not 16:9. When I put it into shortcut and edit it the are black bars on the right and left. When I go to export the video I put in the resolution and aspect ratio of my computer screen(16:10). This creates bigger black bars on the right and left and new ones on the top and bottom. Is there anyway to make the project resolution/aspect ratio match my computer screen resolution or will I just have to export it with the black bars on the right and left(in a 16:9 aspect ration). I don’t want to have to scale the clip to fit 16:9. Thanks in advance.

For anyone wanting an example of how it looks after I export it with my computer screen resolution and aspect ratio, here is a video:

If the resolution and/or aspect ratio you want for your project is different than the videos you are using then you should always set the Video Mode to your project before you start your project. Don’t use the Export menu to set the Video Mode of your project.

In order to try and correct your problem, go to your project’s Video Mode and change it to the resolution and aspect ratio that you want. Make sure that the Video Mode you are resetting it to has the same fps as your project though. Then go and check on the timeline to make sure everything is fine. If not make the necessary adjustments. Then go and export.

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Thanks for the help, @DRM. This worked very well.

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