I currently have a project that causes Shotcut at every file opening to say that is needs to be repaired. The result is a file that has a filename such as this title.

Does it happen to all projects you’re working on or just that one? If it’s just that one then there’s probably something wrong with the settings or properties of clips and filters and what not. It might be lost…

If it happens to all of your projects then there is probably something wrong with your install and environment.

The problem is due to this bug that was fixed for the next release due at the beginning of February. You can also downgrade to v16.12 in the meantime.

Do I understand this right: If I am not drag and dropping the files, but opening them through the file menu, this bug will not be triggered? I am rebuilding my project from scratch now.

@shotcut are you sure you linked to the right bug? I can’t find a connection. I am rebuilding the project now and even though I took great care not to drag any files into it I already get the same issue.

Also: Is it safe to just say no to the repair question? this way I will not have so many duplicates.

The connection is about generating invalid file paths. The XML repair tool in new version 17.02 does not fix this problem. Sometimes it can be more convenient to edit the XML with a text editor to repair a project.