Project needs to be repaired!

Hi everyone,

I am working on a new video project (this is the first time i use Shotcut and i loved it!) but more than half the times i save, clode shotcut, reopen saved project it informs me that it needs to be repaired?
Why is that???

Shotcut version 17.03.02 Windows 10 64 bit.

PS: Shotcut needs to be stable.

Your PC may have Malware or faulty hardware such as RAM or HDD.

It’s only a software bug if the same steps can repeat the bug on other machines also.

No stability issues here.
Check that you PC is malware free and functional.

I do not think it is a hardware ot malware problem. … More like a software problem … maybe about my system … or something not correctly set up …

What i meant about stablility is that I really liked Shotcut and I would be very happy if it worked for me… while I was trying to solve this problem through workarounds I tryied alternative software but I came back to shotcut to try harder and ask for help from the forum users …

Is there something i could check on my system … ?

Hi, sometimes that happens to me but I never had a problem after I save it again. I think that can be related with the local settings like the use of a dot instead of a coma to separate numbers. Next time check the difference between the files before and after de repair:

Well, I have installed the latest version 1.7.04 and created the project again. So far only once I was asked to repair project.

Maybe it was a problem with the version I was using or the fact that shotcut crashed a few times when I was using the previus version. Anyway, I have not completed my job. I will inform on this in a few days.

Thanks a lot …

Hi, as for me, I have no malware at all and I experienced the same issue with the same version on Windows 7. The project was using a DV capture from an old Video8 cassette, and it was properly rendered by version 17.02.

When I reopened the project with 17.03.02, I was also told the project needed to be repaired – of course I kept the previous version – and I noticed that some values in the effects (especially color sampling) were replaced with out-of-range values, so that I got a black and white output with a threshold effect. Video was also cropped, with black borders on bottom and top, resized to 1:1 instead of 4:3.

I reverted to the previous version (17.02), and the project was properly rendered again.

I’m now using 17.04.02, with no problem to the moment (but I did not retry with the project which caused the issue).

Well my project is complete. Everything works fine with version 17.04.02.
I really enjoyed working with shotcut.