Project Crashing the program when loaded

I’m on Windows 10 and with the most recent version of the software.
When I load this project (doesn’t happen with other ones) it opens briefly but the crashes after a couple of seconds. Two projects with weird names have also ‘spawned’ inside the project folder (they behave exactly like the original, I’d upload them but as a new user I’m limited to 2 per post). I’d love to have this project back and working if possible, obviously.

Log File
shotcut-log.txt (32.5 KB)

Original Project
obi_2017.mlt (41.4 KB)

Thanks in advance

edit: I think the last thing I did was apply a Audio Dance Visualization filter to a whole output track. The track was partly made of video-only clips, some images and some video-and-audio clips.

The MLT file you uploaded is named “obi_2017.mlt”. But the log file says that it is opening “shotcut-LeNCwJ.mlt”. Maybe you are not opening the file you think you are?

I was actually able to reproduce your problem just by trying to open your file without any media. The audio waveform visualization filter is causing the problem.

Here is a file with the filter removed - I expect that it will not crash for you.
obi_2017_waveform_removed.mlt (40.8 KB)

I am not sure why the filter makes your project crash. I tried to create a simple project that adds the filter to a track, but my project does not crash.

Pro Tip: Save your project with a new name every so often so that if the project becomes corrupt or broken, you can easily open the previous file that worked.


I have fixed this crash for the 21.08 release.

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Thanks, it is fixed! And yes, I had sent the wrong log (it was of opening one of the files that were created in the project folder).

And yeah, I definitely learned to care about backups and all from this experience. Thanks again for your help.

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