program shuts down the computer after his work ?

Hello, now I had used video programs in the past that boasted of cutting Hollywood movies … Well … this program I find but for my claim quite prima! Keep up the good work!

Now, unfortunately, I can not find answers to the following questions:

Why must the video always be re-encoded after editing? In the past under Windows XP there was once a program that after trimming the video quickly saved the desired video material without re-encoding in a new file …

The re-encoding takes longer time than the actual film …
There I wish that then the program shuts down the computer after work is done.


For Automatic shutdown after Editing, simply create a batch file under Windows XP that starts up Shotcut, and when the process is complete shutdown the computer using the “shutdown.exe” command inside the batch program.

You will have to use other sources on the Internet to understand writing batch files and what you are asking for is easily done. It’s worth researching how to write batch files on windows yourself in your own time as it’s the only way to get exactly what you want.

This has been discussed before and while some fully fledged editors offer a simple cut with no re-encoding, others don’t. For that you can easily use a program like Avidemux which is extremely easy to use and it’s my preferred program for taking out unwanted footage (I think Handbrake is another option).

If cutting out unwanted parts is all you are after then definitely take the time to use one of those programs. Shotcut is designed to do much more and assumes you will be doing edits that require re-encoding, and I don’t think this is going to change any time soon.

Shotcut has Extract Sub-clip for this. But you can not perform complex operations or filters - only trim in/out.

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