Program crashes when I create a certain kind of transition

I hope I can explain good enough in english…

in my video I want to insert a text between clips. Text means that I use “open other”, “colour”, choose my colour and pull it to the time line. Then I add the filter “text simple” and the filter “size, rotation and scale” with the option to zoom in slowly.

Now I want to have transitions and there the problem comes:
When I create a transition between the text element and avideo clip, Shotcut crashes. But I found out is that it only seems to happen when the video clip is only having 854:480. With another clip in 1920:1080 it works.

As an alternative I tried with fade in/fade out, but I don’t like that moment of “black screen” between the 2 elements.

Is there any chance to solve that problem to get nice transitions between text and low quality video? I have many of these clips in 854*480…

Can you make a sample project and upload the MLT project file here? (Drag and Drop the file into the reply window) Your media is not needed as people that would test your MLT file would just use their own media.

There are many different ways to create transitions. Many of which are in the Tutorials section of this forum.

like that?

test transition which makes shotcur crash.mlt (9.1 KB)

Yes, I watched so many tutorials, and transitions between pictures and videos (also the low quality ones) all work fine. Only with my text sheets I have that problem.

I can suggest the following ways to solve the problem:

    • transcode the video into a “friendly” format for shotcut, this will solve your problem with a 99% probability.
    • if for some reason you don’t want or can’t transcode your video, place your text layer above the video layer, make it “fade out”, which will smoothly flow into the video that is on the track below.
      One of these tips will solve your problem.

thank you very much.

point 2. works out as a workaround :slight_smile:

But could you tell me what point 1. would mean exactly? I’m not fit in formats etc. What would be a “friendly” format for shotcut?

Select your video clip on the timeline, go to the “properties” tab, click on the “convert” button at the bottom, the default settings are usually optimal, the conversion will take place, after which this video clip will be more friendly to shotcut.

thanks for explaining. I tried, put the settings on “optimal” but it still crashes. So I have to stay with the workaround, but that’s ok

What version of Shotcut are you using?
Go to Help in Shotcut and click on About Shotcut


Also, what is your operating system? Windows? Linux, Mac ?

I replicated your MLT project but Shotcut doesn’t crash when I add the transition.
I’m on Windows 10, Shotcut v22.12.21

I have the same version, 22.12.21, but windows 11

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