Processing time of long video: Two times exported. 2nd 3x more than 1st

I did export a video file (around 6 hours). That first took around 21 hours. I found a bug and changed the HTML code a bit in the HTML Text filter and did the export again, but now it took more than 60 hours.
In both cases I used the default settings for creating an MP4 file, with use hardware encoder ticket on. I did not use the Advanced settings.
Why the exporting time is three times bigger? Both files ended up to be 141,537 Mb.

Also, what should I change if I want to have the export process time shortened?

Thank you.

I have the same problem with not very long videos. I had a video of maybe two minutes to edit and the export lasted 4h! I think it is because my PC is not enough powerful…

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