Problems with export and titles Solved!

Problems solved!
I was looking for a good and decent video editor. I had been using Pinnacle, and AVS4U for some time but my machine is old…Really old.
Pentium® Dual Core 2.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 32 bit.
So, long story short, I had some frustrations with putting titles and dealing all these crushes, but the valuable info that I would like to share is:

Deactivate the GPU processing. You will find this option in the settings tab inside the Shotcut.
Shotcut was very light and smooth to go even as I drag the timeline around at 40 min Mp4 initial file, with no freezing or jamming. When I started messing with splits and filters, it was collapsing every 20 sec. By deactivating the GPU process, all went smooth and nice.

Applying titles was not so tough after all. All you need to do is to understand how filters work. I found great advice here

Best piece of advice for export settings is H.264 high profile (find this in the left list) while picking Mp4 (in the right list) .Go by the following settings 1920 X 1080, Ratio 16 X 9
29,97 progressive 70 encoder → high quality Q.VBR. See original video here

Rendering a 20min video with titles and everything was a HUGE task for my poor machine. But eventually it pulled it though! After hitting the export button, the program collapsed, but still, even when the program crushed, the qmelt.exe was still running high in my task manager. And slowly the video was rendered on an amazing quality… Took something more than an hour for a 20 min video. But I was not in a hurry.