Problems while exporting

So after reading the FAQ, I still didn’t find anyone with a similar problem. After finishing the project (almost 9-minute video composed only of images and audio) I try to export it, but to no avail. When I click ‘Export’ it fails. I didn’t change any setting and could even export the unfinished version which was about half (4 minutes). The settings are 1080p 30 FPS. When I try to change the setting and change the FPS to 25, the exporting process doesn’t fail, but it won’t start either. Just stays at 0% and the estimated time is at --:–:--

Anyone could help? I use the ‘Default’ preset.

Well, what computer do you have? what processing power- RAM?
what version of Shotcut? what operating system?
With so many unknowns it’s hard for anyone to help you.

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