Problems using images twice and blending transition with 3d text

This is probably 2 problems:

  1. When i drag an image that i have already used earlier in the track into SC the image shows ‘invalid’ for the second time. It can be solved by copying the first image from the track, but i stumbled upon this behavior?

  2. Want to use 3d Text filter on a clip and blend it in slowly - no option for this? When i try to blend this clip with the filter applied into a copy of the original clip - it just doesn’t blend but clips the part blended away - so there is no blending effect possible with the filter attached?
    Seems i have to use Photoshop or alike for this task and make a separate image of the photo with the blended in text. Then it would allow me to blend it over softly - but this is tedious.

Solved the 1. problem:
it appears only when using proxy editing - seems problems with the same name.

  1. could be a future improvement :slight_smile:

Not going to happen because Text: 3D is removed as it relied upon the HTML5 components, which were deprecated a couple of versions ago and fully removed in the next version. In any case the way to do this sort of thing (not limited to Text: 3D) is to add the filter to a transparent color clip (Open Other > Color).

Thanks, have to try this out. A nice feature for text animation is very important for many video works - so a nice feature would be very attractive here i guess. If you want to have something very elaborate here there is probably no option than using a 3d animation program for this task - but its time consuming.

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