Problems scrolling through files solved

I’ve had trouble with smooth scrolling though files to find edit points using Shotput. I’ve posted here about this a couple of time with little help. Fortunately, a youtube video by ‘Open Source Bug’ schooled me in the use of proxies which greatly improved my ability to easily and quickly find edit points in large videos.

If you have trouble with a machine which is underpowered to execute the editing you’d like to be able to do, proxies are the answer. They allow you to perform your edits on a clip with a lower resolution and then get shotcut to execute those changes on the larger file.

It would be a great enhancement to Shotput which is a wonderful, full-featured editing package.


er…Shotcut, that is.

There is already an entire discussion underway in this thread to get Shocut to have a built in proxy generator.

Hopefully @D_S and @Austin still have it in their plans to get the ball rolling on the necessary steps to make it happen. :grinning:

I think we ran into some color space confusion stuff that @chris319 was helping to run down over here Intermediate Files for Editing and the devlopers were working to correct as well but the general… framework of what needs done has been isolated as far as the code changes and anyone willing can start hacking at it since shotcut is open source!

Recently I faced the same problem

Happy to say that in my journey to this solution I tried a bunch of other editors and with this process in hand Shotcut is still my fave!

Glad to hear that there are efforts afoot to make this easily accessible to all.


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