Problem with the text filter

Version : 17.02.05
OS: latest Windows 10 x64 (11.02.17)
Hardware : 8 GB DDR3 Ram
GTX 960 4GB
i5 3330 (4x3,00-3,2 GHz)

Every time I edit some text (from the filter-menue in Shotcut), I get the error message: Shotcut is not working - close application.
Plese fix :confused:

Added Information:
At first I opened a video and put it in the timeline, after that I add the filter “Text” and than if I try to edit the text like you normaly do Shotcut crashes after about a secont and I hav to restart Shotcut. Hope that this is enough information.

PS: Thanks for the quick response

Not enough information.
You need to list all the steps that result in the same error message every time.
To be a bug, it needs to be reliably repeatable on your machine and on others.

It sounds like you are using the experimental GPU Processing mode (Settings menu), which is a known bug that we have not been able to fix. Either switch off GPU processing or avoid using the Text filter. In the next version, I will try to remove that filter as an option when you are in GPU mode.

Yeah I am using the gpu render (did not know it was enabeld sorry) thanks for he help :cold_sweat: