Problem with starting the Shotcut

Windows 10 PRO 64 ver. 22H2

I installed version 23.05.14.
After launching, a window appears with the message: “Loading plugins” and the program shuts down.

Something on your computer is too old for this version, probably missing Direct X 11 for your GPU. This is not something that will be fixed. You can use the previous version 22.12 listed on the downloads page under Windows 7.

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Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 19045) (19041.vb_release.191206-1406)
Language: Polish (Regional Setting: Polish)
System Manufacturer: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.
System Model: MS-7C39
BIOS: BIOS Date: 06/06/19 11:38:54 Ver: V1.00 (type: BIOS)
Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
Memory: 16384MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 16326MB RAM
Page File: 6500MB used, 26209MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS

DirectX Version: DirectX 12

DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
Miracast: Not Available
Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported
DirectX Database Version: 1.0.8
DxDiag Version: 10.00.19041.2075 64bit Unicode

It is very likely that your graphics card is not supported enough. You may need to change…

DxDiag it is only diagnostc program.
DirectX version is 12

OK, that looks like it should work. This is a duplicate of a pinned bug that has instructions about how to get a debug build and hopefully produce a crash report:

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The laptop also works fine. Also, it’s nice that the dark theme is changeable.

On PC, I decided to change my video card. It’s pretty old already… Most likely the latest version of Shotcut will work then…

  • I haven’t edited with the new version yet. If it encounters an error, I will publish it.


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