Problem with Spot Remover

To erase a stain on a wall, I use “Spot Remover”.
If the camera is stationary, no problem.
If the camera moves for panning, I use Keyframes to follow the movement of the spot.
In Shotcut, the stain is well erased.
But when I export to MP4, the stain is not erased well, and sometimes not at all.
Here are a screenshot of the result in MP4.
Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Sorry, I’m a new user, and I can only put one embedded media item in my post. I would have liked to show a screenshot in Shotcut

Look at the top left.

In the Advanced export settings, do you have “Parallel Processing” checked? If so, try to turn that off and see if it works better.

Parallel processing is not checked…

Try turning off preview scaling to better tune the spot.

Thank you, but sorry, this is not the solution

Are you exporting from Timeline, Source, or Playlist?

I work on my project, I apply the spot removers, I make them move with the keyframes, I save, and then I export. Also, yes, I export from the timeline.

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