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I’m using the Crop: Source Filter to make the recordings from my GoPro (1920x1440, 4:3) 16:9 by selecting the ‘Center’ Checkbox and then using the Center Bias slider to select which part of the image I want to keep.
Until now, I just maxed the Slider in the + or - direction, if I just wanted the top or bottom of the image, but after my update to 20.09.13, Shotcut crashes when I move the slider to +136px or more.
When going in the negative direction, after reaching -136, a green bar starts to appear at the bottom and at -181 the image jumps back to only showing the bottom part of the image, as it was in previous versions.
Theoretically, the slider should reach its maximum at (1440-1080)/2= +/-180.
The last Version I used, that didn’t have this Problem was 20.04.12 but I have not tested the versions in between.

I hope somebody can help me, if I made some mistake or fix it, if it’s a bug.


Effectivement, il y a un comportement bizarre dans la version 20-09-13 avec ce filtre qui n’existait pas dans la précédente version 20-07-11

Indeed, there is an odd behavior in the version 20-09-13 with this filter which did not exist in the previous version 20-07-11.


The filter was changed to make it compatible with Proxy editing. Now, the pixel values are relative to the video mode resolution and not the source even though the image is still cropped at the source before any filters. It is possible for you to go beyond the limits of available source pixels. I will see if I can improve that.

This video corruption and crash has been fixed for the next version 20.10.

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