Problem with avchd file


I have a Panasonic GH1 that records in AVCHD format. When recording video that goes past the 4GB file size limit of fat32 it will split the video up into separate video files. The Problem I have is that shotcut is unable read any of the video files that that have been created past the first 4GB file in a series. I am able to play the video in VLC and also open and edit files with openshot and resovle.

Thank you.

I do not have a file like this with which to debug it. Can you provide one?

Hello, yes I can provide a test file. How should I deliver it?

Hi I uploaded a test file to my gdrive, you should be able to access it at the link below.

let me know if you need anything else or have problems downloading.

for some reason there is an error in the link of my previous post trying without the http.

well it keeps trying to embed it. separated the link on 3 lines to see if that works, just past it as one url in your browser.


To prevent embedding just put in one space, then paste the link. At least this works with forum posts and YouTube Links.

This is fixed for the next version 19.03 or 19.04 TBD. Thanks for the sample.

awesome, thank you!

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