Problem with Audio/Video Source

I have a problem with Audio/Video Source. Only audio opens for me.

The first option (sound is heard, no video, white screen):
Shotcut_Only Audio_1

Second option (no sound, no video, black screen):
Shotcut_Only Audio_2

I know that the first thought is to try another driver, but all other programs work with the existing one (VirtualDub, AmarecTV, OBS Studio)

If you click on “Video Input → None”, does the UI give you a list of options (other than “None”)? If not, Shotcut is not finding your video device.

Thank you for your reply. I just tested the latest beta 22.10.09
No changes.

It is not compatible with your (unidentified) video sources, and we cannot make it compatible. We are using a software library for it that we do not make or control.

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