Problem opening .mlt created on differnent computer

I Created a short movie and saved it to my external hard drive as an .mlt. When I try and open that file in SC on a different computer SC closes and creates a ml file as a shortcut. That file cannot be opened on the second computer. Using v 21.01.29 on a windows 10 OS. Is there a work around?

Not sure what you mean by “ml file as a shortcut”.

Did you also put all of your source media files on that same hard drive? If not, just saving the MLT project file will not open your project.

If you are missing your media files, you would have got a Missing Files dialog box asking you to point to those file locations so Shotcut can fix the MLT.

Here is a project file I created with 21.02.29, the same version you have installed.
countdown.mlt (6.6 KB)
This doesn’t need any media sources, as everything in the project is all created with Shotcut directly.

I created the files for the porject in a folder on the external hard drive. I saved all my work to that same folder on the HD. I used the 2nd computer to open the saved file from the HD. That;s when SC closes. When I open the project with the first computer everything is fine. When SC closes it creates a shortcut file in the original folder and ends it with “ml”.

Sorry, the file that is created is a mlt file. I tried it twice. Here is the file name created each time. “shotcut-rWcuf.mlt and shotcut-VtnUue.mlt”. Very strange behavior.

If you transfer the folder/files onto the computer’s main drive do you get the same behavior?
Could an anti-virus program on your computer block access to that drive?
The .mlt’s you report appear to be temporary files Shotcut creates/uses.

Next time it crashes you could get the log from here and upload it here.
You’ll need to get the log file before you start Shotcut up again.

I transferred files to computer 2 HD. No change. Here is the log file that was generated.

shotcut-log.txt (45.1 KB)

I can access every file on the drive. I was able to copy the project files from the external to the internal so access blocking is not an issue.

We have made many improvements in the last year. Some improvements may have fixed this problem you are having.

[Error ] [producer_xml] Property without a service ‘property’?

Shotcut is having trouble reading the file. Can you also upload 3dl.mlt so we can see it?

Well I loaded the latest version and everything works fine. It is amazing how quickly new versions of the program are released. I thought I was on the latest version. Got to check more regularly. Thanks for everyone’s help

When you start Shotcut, the following appears for a short time underneath the player window:


Just click on it.

You wrote as I am preparing to publish the new version 22.01. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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