Preview turns black at 2 minute mark

Hello, I am creating my first project in Shot Cut. I have 5 or 6 video layers and one audio layer. At the 2 minute mark (about where my audio track ends) the preview turns black. I can still hear the audio of my visual tracks, but the preview screen remains black. I have tried moving my different video tracks around and the audio track, but no matter how I orientate the video, it goes black at the same time stamp.

Can you share a screenshot of your timeline - showing the 2 minute point where it goes black?

I guess black screen occurs a little after the 2 minute mark. The red boxes only cover student faces and names.

Here is a screenshot right before the blackscreen.

Do you intend to have a filter on the master output?
Maybe that filter is making it go black.

That must be my problem. I will delete all of those filters. I have no clue how those got there.

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