Preview scaling option missing


i have Shotcut version ARCH-20.02.17 on Manjaro and the Preview Scaling option is missing. It’s available in the same version as a AppImage.

Any ideas on why and how to fix it?

It depends on the latest version of MLT, which it seems Arch/Manjaro is not using. This is not a bug. The Shotcut developers do not take responsibility for or support Linux packages other than those we provide directly.

Download Shotcut from here:

Thanks for the reply, MLT 6.20.0 is installed which is the latest version according to

I have the AppImage available, but i prefer using native apps due to limitations and bugs in AppImage (theming, bookmarks i file dialogs etc etc).

I’ll try compiling it myself instead of using the AUR, maybe it’s a compile option missing.

Of course it’s not your fault and thank you for pointing out that it requires MLT 6.20 (even though you are now supporting something that’s not “yours” :wink:

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