Preview not working as intended

I recorded a video in 1920x1200 resolution and then when i put the video into shotcut for editing the prewiew is not displaying the whole screen? It like shows 2 thirds of the screen. I have switched monitor not so long ago, and i have edited stuff with 1240x800. The video i imported was in MKV format.plz help

What is your video mode setting? Make sure it fits to your odd resolution.
For normal FullHD you would have 1920 x 1080, but should work like this as well.
Can also be the proxy setting, when you use proxies. I am not sure if you can set them to arbitrary resolution, normally would be 1/2 FullHD or similar. Also watch out for the preview settings, they are also in 16:9-format normally.
Is the exported video o.k.? If just the preview is affected, it will most likely be the preview setting.

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