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Hello! I am making at satellite video, and I’m trying to make it as high-quality as possible. I have all the video and codec settings turned to the max (dw my pc will be fine… hopefully). I’m just wondering if changing the preset speed will change quality. Thanks!

Not sure what exactly you are talking about, but you definetly don’t need to turn all adjustable export parameters to their maximum. The output quality depends on several criteria:

  1. input quality (Codec the video is captured in, framerate, size, camera and operator capabilities)
  2. video mode settings and export settings
  3. filters used and edits made

At least you should aim at getting the same quality as your input; its hard or nearly impossible to get better quality out when input is bad. Most standard settings are per default in an optimal range (i.e. a compromise of quality and file size). There are also some lossless codecs but with the price of huge file sizes. There is a quality parameter in the export setting which is already at its best near 70%. Normally 60% is already very good and you won’t see big improvements if going higher.
Make a sceenshot of your settings and we can go more into detail. Also do some searching - this topic was discussed several times here lately :wink:

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If you’re talking about changing this:

Read this: Encode/H.264 – FFmpeg


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