Preferred Linux Distro & Desktop?

Hi, fairly new to Shotcut and loving it! So far I’ve used it on Windows (Win 7) but want to use it on Linux as well.

I have used Linux server, command line, etc for years but very little experience w/ client, getting fed up with MS antics so decided to begin the transition.

I’ve used Ubuntu in the past, Centos on my web hosts, leaning somewhat toward Linux Mint but open on that.

Is Mint a good choice? If something else would be significantly faster and / or more stable I would consider that. If I do go with Mint do I need to stick w/ Gnome or KDE (the two mentioned in the FAQ) desktops? Cinnamon and Mate look nice but if they will keep Shotcut from performing I’ll go with the other.

I can provide more info if needed, specifics on hardware tho I’m not sure which system or systems I will use. They are midrange PCs, Dell & HP, fairly current systems.

Thanks for any input! And thanks for Shotcut, it’s a blessing compared to some of the stuff out there.

Thank you for the compliment! Linux Mint is a good way to go because it is based on Ubuntu with its good support for drivers but with a more familiar desktop environment than Ubuntu’s. It does not matter much which desktop environment you choose, but perhaps give its default Cinnamon a shot.

OK, that’s what I’ll do. Mint looks like a good platform. Shotcut has provided the “push” I have needed to go ahead and start using Linux as a client. Don’t know if I’ll get 100% “Windows free” or not but always nice to have options.

Thanks for the info. And thanks for Shotcut!