Precision Trimming

Hello all,

New to Shotcut here. I am making a compilation video set to music. It is important to have precisely trimmed clips to keep to the music. It seems like I can only trim clips by dragging the end points in, resulting in differences of fractions of seconds. This is small but it does desynchronize the video from the music. Is there a way to type in the start and stop for a clip trim? Ex: Clipping a 4 second clip out of a video 38.750 seconds to 42.750 seconds. I can’t get this precise 4 second segments when dragging the sliders.

Thanks for any help.


Did you know you can use the cursor (arrow) keys move forward or back one frame at a time? This should allow you sufficient precision to achieve what you are trying to do.
If you’re trimming a clip to put into the playlist you can also use the “I” and “O” keys to set the in and out points for the clip instead of dragging the sliders.

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