Precise selection in source timeline

I want to export a small part of a video, so I copied timeline to source and I now have to select the part I want to export.
But it seems there’s no way to precisely set the A and B point down to the millisecond.
I want to export the part from timecode 00:17:36:17 to timecode 00:20:55:08, but the best I can do with the cursor and my mouse is either 00:17:36:03 or 00:17:37:07 for the A point.
It doesn’t seem to have a feature to zoom into the timeline to select more precisely.
I don’t want a black frame at the beginning of the video nor frames missing or bits of sound missing.
Is there a way to be precise with this?
Thank you in advance,

Positionnez le curseur de la souris sur le compteur et actionnez la roulette, ou saisissez directement les valeurs que vous souhaitez.

Position the mouse cursor on the counter and move the wheel, or enter the values you want directly.


Use the keyboard cursor keys in the source player for more precision, or use the new ability to export from a range-based Marker on timeline:

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Thank you! I totally missed the fact there were now markers! I’ve been longing for this for so long!
I’ll try it out!

Thank you, but it seems this only applies to the cursor and not to the A-B points.

You need to learn more basics. The A and B points are called in and out points. There are keyboard shortcuts for this as well. See the Quickstart section on the home page or Help > Keyboard Shortcuts in the main menu.

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