Pot / vessel to order / separate clip for later use

maybe the Topic corresponds to thes i found on the Road Map - Shotcut - Road Map

  • improved support for nested projects
  • archive project

My Suggestion:
While editing o often find clips i want to save for later use oder are special. it would be nice to have some kind of pot/vessel/bucket/directory where those clips can be saved.

the way I do it, is be adding adding Tracks (Disable it)and put them there, but when the sum of the clips are longer than the move i’m creating i have the create more disabled track to not cause problems while exporting.
it’s a workaround, but e mess because its hard to refind clips and would be nice to be able to separate those for exablpe Player A, Player B, Goaly Savings, Fun Staff, …you name it

Thank you for this great Product and continuous development

You can copy a timeline clip to the playlist by:

  1. Timeline > Copy (or Cut)
  2. Playlist > +

Thank you, didnt know that, so next would be to have multiple playlists?
one list for “Highlights”, one for “Player A”, etc. so it would be easyer to find clips

is there a way to vote on suggestions?
Am I the only one, who needs to sort or needs to organise many clips in the Project and even want to save them in a strucured way for later use?
how do you that?

I use a separate program called Kyno for this, which has things like tags and ratings. You can drag-n-drop from it into the Shotcut timeline. It only works on Windows and macOS and is commercial. There are definite plans to bring many of its features into Shotcut per the roadmap.

You can use any file organizer for this purpose including Explorer or Finder. However, these examples only work well if you are going to organize well before editing. You should avoid moving files while in the middle of a project! If you need to reorganize while editing, then you need virtual folders or tags that a media management program provides. There might be other photo/video management tools that can help, but not all properly support drag-n-drop of file names. A free, cross-platform, open source solution is digiKam, but I prefer Kyno’s database-less approach since I use a file server and multiple desktops.

Alas, none of these options support sections of an audio or video a.k.a. sub-clips. Kyno lets you make them, but there is no standard to convey this info on the clipboard! For that I suggest to use the Shotcut Playlist, which can hold multiple sub-clips from a source, and you can rename each as you like in Properties to make it easy to recognize them.

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