Possible to gradually change filter parameter over time?

Is it possible to gradually change a filter’s parameters over time? If so, how? If not, has it been requested? Thanks…

This would require Key Frames which currently Shotcut doesn’t have.
However it’s at the top of the roadmap.


A workaround, although tedious, is to make multiple splits in your video and apply the filter at different settings in each successive clip. I saw this done on some Shotcut YouTube videos and it is workable. Or, you could wait a few months for the next release. [Grin]


Well, depending on the filter used you wouldn’t even need multiple splits with variable filter settings.
For example, a slow grade to black and white is easily created by adding the same video to a new video track, grab the throbber to create a fade ramp (making sure to set the fade as 'Adjust opacity instead of black) then totally desaturated the the clip.
In playback, the effct is to slowly go from colour to black and white.

This method can be used for some of the other filters too.