Portions of audio drop out when I'm playing my Shotcut video on my TV

Hi all!
I’d love some help!
I have used Shotcut to stitch together different clips.
At certain parts of the stitched together video, the audio will drop out (when I play it on my TV).
When I play the video on my laptop, everything works fine.
This is driving me nuts. Any suggestions?

Probable cause:

See this post:

Thank you for the suggestion but unfortunately it didn’t work. Is there anything else that I should tweak or try?

Sorry Laura, audio isn’t my speciality, I just saw the other post that looked very similar to yours and pointed you towards it.

If you are using Hardware Encoding then I’d suggest re-exporting with this unselected and try again with the TV.

Other than that I hope someone with a bit more knowledge of audio can answer your query.

So you are just copying to USB and then playing, and not using media sharing to play it across the network?

Another thing to try is change the audio preset option:
Under the export → advanced → audio tab select either ac3 or libmp3lame (assuming the default is aac) and then export. I don’t see that making a difference but it’s worth a try.

Also, if your TV is android based, have you considered using something like Kodi for media management and playing?

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